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Welcome to DaMS! > Programme for Nordic Meteorologists´ Meeting

Programme for Nordic Meteorologists´ Meeting


Important note: The Monday part of the meeting is now fully booked, but it is possible to register for the rest of the days

Monday 4th of June (first at Rockefeller, hereafter at DMI)

11-14 (flexible arrival time):  Registration at Rockefeller and visit to the Glaciologists Laboratory

We will see some of the old ice-core samples from Greenland. You do not have to arrive on time (11.00) for this event, as we will visit the Glaciologists Laboratory in smaller groups of about 10 people a time.

14-14.30: We will walk or take a bus towards DMI, where the programme will be as follows:

14:30-15.00: Welcome and Practical information about the 28th Nordic Meteorologist Meeting

Welcome to DMI, by Peter D. Aakjær Deputy Director General at DMI

Welcome by DaMS and presentation of the EMS Young Scientist Award, by Eigil Kaas (President of DaMS and Professor of Meteorology and Climate Dynamics at University of Copenhagen)

Practical information about NMM, by Jesper Eriksen (Meteorologist at DMI and main arranger of NMM)

15.00-15.30: The history of meteorology/weather forecasting

By Erik Rasmussen (retired Scientist from the University of Copenhagen)

15.30-16.00: VilhoVäisälä and Erik Palmén – world renowned aerological experts

 By Anders Persson (Scientist/Meteorologist just recently returned from ECMWF)    

16:00-16.20 Coffee Break with a special NMM-Cake (sponsored by  Brdr. Jørgensen Instruments A/S)

16.20-16-40: Stratosphere/Troposphere interactions and long range weather forecasting

By Bo Christiansen (Scientist at DMI)

16.40-17.00: Use of long range forecast

By Jesper Rasmussen (Meteorologist at DMI)

17.00-17.20 An upper-tropospheric clear and cloudy air turbulence index in HIRLAM

By Niels Woetmann Nielsen (Scientist/Meteorologist at DMI)

17.20-17.40 Modelling of thunder- and gust index

By Claus Pedersen (Scientist/Meteorologist at DMI)

17.40-18.00 Forecasting icing

By Thomas Mørk Madsen (Senior-Meteorologist at DMI)

18.00-? Ice breaking event sponsored partly by DMI and partly by the conference fee. The event will begin with a guided tour in “DMI-Vejrtjenesten”, and be followed by a light dinner with drinks.

Tuesday 5th of June at Risø in Roskilde

09.30-10.00 Registration

Chair: Norway

10.00-10:30 Climate astrology versus climate dynamics: The tale of two paradigms

By Kristoffer Rypdal (Professor of Physics at University of Tromsø)


10.30-11:00: Solar activity – climate relations: A different approach

By Peter Stauning (Senior scientist (emeritus), DMI)

11.00-11.20 Coffee break


11.20-11:50 Global temperature response to radiative forcing, solar cycle versus volcanoes

By Kristoffer Rypdal (Professor of Physics at University of Tromsø)

11.50-12.20 Recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland from the perspective of a meteorologist:

By Guðrún Nína Petersen (Meteorologist/Scientist at Icelandic Meteorological Office)

12.20-13.20 Lunch

Chair: Sweden

1320-13.50 The Climatography of our cold winters

By Tage Andersson (Sweden)

13.50- 14.20 Arctic sea ice reduction and the cold winter in Europe: Are there any links?

By Shuting Yang (Scientist at Danish Climate Center, DMI)

14.20- 14.50 Allergic disease – pollen and climate change

By Janne Sommer (Head of pollen monitoring network, Asthma-Allergy Association, Denmark)

14.50-15.10 Coffee Break

15.10-15.40 The relative importance of impacts from climate change vs. emission change on air pollution levels in the 21st century

By Gitte Brandt Hedegaard (Scientist/Meteorologist from University of Lund, Sweden)


15.40-16.10 Including externalities in economic optimization of energy systems


By Eigil Kaas (President of DaMS and Professor of Meteorology and Climate Dynamics at University of Copenhagen)

16.10 -16.40 RIO+20, the Sustainable Development Goals, and future weather

By Gorm Raabo Larsen (Meteorologist at DMI)

Wednesday 6th of June at Risø in Roskilde


09.00-09.30 Registration


Chair: Iceland


09.30- 10.00 Some recent advances in understanding mesoscale atmospheric flows

By Haraldur Olafsson, Professor in atmospheric sciences, Universities of Bergen and Iceland and Icelandic Meteorological Office

10.00-10.30 The mesoscale characteristics of extreme winds in complex terrain

By Birta Líf Kristinsdóttir, student of meteorology, Universities of Bergen and Iceland and Icelandic Meteorological Office

10.30-11.00 Atmosphere-ice sheet interactions and self-inhibiting growth of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Peter Lang Langen (Research Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen)

11.00-11.20 Coffee break

Chair: Finland

1120-11.50 Clouds and radiation

By Kristian Pagh Nielsen (Scientist/Meteorologist at DMI)

11.50-12.20 The role of aerosol particles in cloud droplet formation

By Mia Frosch, Scientist at the Division of Nuclear Physics, University of Lund, Sweden

12.20-13.00 Lunch

13-16 A guided excursion with bus in the local area around Roskilde

Thursday 7th of June at The Carlsberg Academy

0900-09.30 Registration

Chair: Denmark

09.30-10.00 Why we need to observe and forecast the Artic- an operational oceanographic view

By Erik Buch (Head of Centre for Ocean and Ice at DMI)

10.00-10.30 DMI Maritime Service

By Carsten Damberg (Meteorologist at DMI)

10.30-10.50 Coffee Break (sponsored by NEAS)

10.50-11.20 Modeling of buoyant plume convection in the ocean: Examples from mechanical oxygenation and subglacial freshwater discharge

By Jørgen Bendtsen, VitusLab (www.vituslab.dk)


11.20- 11.50 Statistical Analysis of the Nordkapp data and comparison with the OD3D model

By Igor Ivichev (Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute)

11.50- 12.40 Lunch

Chair: Sweden

12.40- 13.10 "DMI on the road" From DMI website to webapp

By Juan Asencio (Web-developer at DMI)

13.10 -13.40 Next generation TV- Meteorology

By Andreas Nyholm (Meteorologist at TV2-Vejret)

13.40-14.10 Dataassimilation at ECMWF – Progress and plans  

By Lars Isaksen (Head of Data Assimilation Section at ECMWF)

14.10-14.30 Coffee Break (sponsored by NEAS)

14.30-15.00 Assimilation of radar data for numerical models

By Erik Hansen (Scientist/Meteorologist at DMI)

15.00-15.30 GPS Radio Occultation measurements and their application for numerical weather prediction and climate monitoring

By Kjartan Kinch (Scientist at DMI)

15.30-16.30 Stormchasing in the US

By Chase Team Denmark


16.30 - 17.00 Possible postersession.

18.00-23.00 Conference Dinner

Friday 8th of June at The Carlsberg Academy

0830-09.00 Registration

Chair: Norway

09.00-09.30 What are good weatherforecasters really doing? And how can they do it better?

By Anders Persson (Scientist/Meteorologist just recently returned from ECMWF)

09.30-10.00 Interpretation of internet weather forecasts 

By Anders Silve (Meteorologist/PhD-student at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute)

10.00-10.30 The weather forecaster versus the weather model, gaps, benefits and future outlooks

By Jesper Eriksen (Meteorologist at DMI)

10.30-10.45 Coffee Break (sponsored by NEAS)

Chair: Finland

10.45-11.15 yr.no and the forecaster's role

By Jakob Bork,Terje Alsvik Walløe and Tor Ivar Mathisen (Meteorologists at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute)

11.15-11.45 Wind Power predictability an important factor in the operation phases of Wind Generation Turbines

By Jesper Thiesen, Partner and Meteorologist at ConWX (http://www.conwx.com)

11.45-12.15 The role of  the meteorologist, in the transition to renewable energy

By Jens Tang, Vice President, Renewables Generation, NEAS (http://www.neas.dk/)

12.15-12.45 Value boosting through applications of meteorological knowledge at Vestas

By Mark Zagar, Specialist Global Flow Solutions