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Atmospheric science seminar series

Format: web-based using zoom 



Every second week on Tuesdays at 12:15 – 12:45 followed by 15+ minutes for questions/discussions. So, one can sit and eat lunch during the presentations



Anyone can listen/see/participate. The level is between soft and hard science but everyone with a meteorological background including operational forecasters should be able to follow.

Suggestions for additional seminars are more than welcome.

The order of presentations outlined below is the first attempt. We can of course re-order. Please write a mail to Eigil ( if you are unable to present on the day proposed. It can be considered to record the presentations and the subsequent discussions but this has not yet been decided. In any case, this will require a written accept – at least from presenters and people taking part in the discussions (maybe this becomes too complicated?)


  • 27/10 2020: Eigil Kaas (NBI). “Ongoing and upcoming developments/products of the IFS forecast system at ECMWF plus other news from the ECMWF”.

  • 10/11 2020: Kasper Tølløse (NBI/DMI) 45 min - MSc thesis lecture). “Development and implementation of a neural network-based PBL turbulence parameterization scheme.”

  • 24/11 2020: Peter Ukkonen (NBI/DMI). “Using machine learning for parameterization of gas-optics in next-generation radiation schemes”.

  • 8/12 2020: Simon Jacobsen (NBI) (45 min - MSc thesis lecture). “A study of the impact of very large wind farms on regional weather using the WRF model in high resolution.”

  • 22/12 2020: Eigil Kaas (NBI) and Aksel Walløe Hansen (NBI). “How has the quality of ECMWF products/forecasts improved over time as compared to, e.g., JMA = Japan Meteorological Agency, CMC = Canadian Meteorological Centre, UKMO = the UK Met Office, KMA = Korea Meteorological Administration, NCEP = U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction, DWD = Deutsche Wetterdienst?”

  • 5/1 2021: Aksel Walløe Hansen (NBI). “Limits for the usage of sustainable energy”.

  • 19/1 2021: Xiaohua Yang (DMI). “The Harmonie data assimilation system”.

  • 9/2 2021: Kristian Pagh Nielsen (DMI). “Calculation of radiation in HARMONIE and IFS”.

  • 16/2 2021: Emy Alerskans (FieldSense/NBI/DMI): “Local forecasts based on post-processing of NWP data (“super Byvejr”)”.

  • 2/3 2021: Kasper Tølløse (NBI/DMI). “Inverse atmospheric dispersion modelling for localization of unknown sources.”

  • 16/3 2021: Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen (NBI). “AR6: the Long and Winding Road.”

  • 30/3 2021: Peter Langen (ENVS/AU). “AWAITING TITLE”.

  • 13/4 2021: Shuting Yang (DMI). “EC-Earth. Status, developments and results.”

  • 27/4 2021: Henrik Vedel (DMI). “Forecasts of sustainable energy production” (not confirmed).

  • 11/5 2021: Wiebke Kolbe (DMI/NBI) (45 min – MSc thesis lecture). “Testing the usage of neural networks in the shortwave radiation parameterization of the WRF model.”

  • 25/5 2021: Henrik Feddersen (DMI). “The ensemble forecasting system at DMI”.

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